20 Years!

Opening our doors for the first time in the Summer of 1988, our family was still new to America, pursuing the American Dream, unsure of how one of the first Afghan restaurants in America would be received. Now, in 2008, we mark our 20th Anniversary of serving our friends in the Greater Hartford area and beyond. So we, the Sarwar and Amiri Families would like to say: 

Thank You, and hope to see you soon!


To The Health Conscious:

Afghanistan being inhabited for, at least the last 50,000 years is believed to be the first farming community in the world. Being a land-locked country cooks rely on locally grown Basmati Rice (explained below), meats, freshwater fish, vegetables, dried peas, beans, fresh fruits, yogurt, noodles, rice, and a distinctive palette of seasonings mildly used relative to its neighbors.

Rice plays a very important part in Afghan cooking, and Afghans are very particular about the grain of rice they choose for different purposes. The best quality rice in Afghanistan is found in the south, particularly the province of Laghman. That is where one can find "Aahu Barah" rice meaning "The Deer's Valley" rice, perhaps the finest quality rice available and best described as a long grained and extremely aromatic rice as all true Basmati rice's should be.


Transport Yourself...

The atmosphere and food will leave you feeling like you just had the best gourmet Afghan food in the world!

The House of Afghanistan welcomes out of town and foreign visitors who want to experience the taste of Afghanistan in West Hartford, CT. If you are a local citizen, attending your high school prom, in town for shopping, here for a convention or business meeting, or a tourist from this or another country; add that extra something that is difficult to find: transport yourself to a more gracious and elegant era with the finest food and service you have ever experienced.

Shish Kebab House is very unique and one of its kind. It brings the wonderful taste of a 50,000 year old culture into today's lifestyle.