An Array of Afghan Kebabs, and a Tilt Toward India
Afghan cuisine is a collection of authentic traditional recipes, a blend of tastes which are exotic. GIVEN that Afghanistan lies at the crossroads of India, China and the Middle East, we might well expect the food to reflect all of those influences. But, aside from the kebabs, what a meal at Shish Kebab House most brings to mind is a quieter version of Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s West Hartford location, which opened in August 2006, replaced the original Shish Kebab House on Franklin Street in Hartford. For those who knew the old place, the menu here is the same. Read More.


Award winning Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan opens new location in West Hartford Center
West Hartford, CT –On Wednesday, October 25, 2006 the Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan held a gathering to celebrate the opening of their new restaurant in West Hartford Center. West Hartford’s Mayor, Scott Slifka and the Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on that evening. Read More.


The Long Road
By Nathan Conz, Staff Writer
"A lot of people remember that place because of the radio commercials: 'Don't cook tonight. Call Chicken Delight,'" says Aaron Sarwar, the 18-year-old son of Halima Sarwar, whose family got out of the fried chicken business and opened up the Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan on Franklin Avenue in 1988. Read More.


Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan enchants diners well before they take a seat at one of its cozy tables.
The air is redolent with spices; the walls are painted soft, mustard yellow; and beautiful rugs are everywhere - even under glass on the tops of tables. Read More.


Afghan food - with its grilled meats, yogurt sauces, and spicy dumplings - is hard to find, but worth seeking.
After covering the Hartford-area restaurant scene for a few years now, Lisa and I feel like we've gotten to taste a good cross-section of the dining-out offerings. But there are a few restaurants -- long-established, old standbys and regional favorites -- that we've stayed away from because our predecessors had reviewed them in years past. As everyone knows, the restaurant business is a fickle and tricky one; a huge percentage of new restaurants don't survive beyond their first year. In many cases, it's the best restaurants -- the most beloved, with the finest food and service -- that have staying power and longevity. But, the logic behind making a return visit, years later, to an old standard is to see that the reputation is warranted, that standards remain high, that the staff hasn't gotten overconfident in their game. With that in mind, we paid a visit to Hartford's Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan on Franklin Avenue. Read More.


Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan