Since 1988, the Shish Kebab House has offered the Hartford area delicious Afghan Cuisine, such specialties as Mantoo and Ashak dumplings or our award winning kebabs ranging from traditional lamb kebab to mouth watering beef tenderloin and succulent lamb chops to unique Salmon and Swordfish kebabs cooked traditionally over a bed of coals. Come experience 50,000-years of flavors or just relax in our spacious bar on the first floor. You will find that Shish Kebab House has something for everyone. 

Afghanistan being inhabited for, at least the last 50,000 years is believed to be the first farming community in the world. Being a land-locked country, cooks rely on locally grown Basmati Rice (explained below), meats, freshwater fish, vegetables, dried peas, beans, fresh fruits, yogurt, noodles, rice, and a distinctive palette of  mildly used seasonings relative to its neighbors.

Rice plays a very important part in Afghan cooking, and Afghans are very particular about the grain of rice they use. The best quality rice in Afghanistan is found in the south, particularly the province of Laghman. That is where one can find "Aahu Barah" rice meaning "The Deer's Valley". Aahu Barah rice is in the Basmati Rice family and is perhaps one of the finest quality of rice available. It is best described as a long grained and extremely aromatic rice as all true Basmati's.



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